Tank Scales

Our Tank scales will fit your Tank because the connecting plates or legs are always custom built.

NTEP Certified

Our NTEP Certified stainless steel scales are certified by the National Type Evaluation Program National Conference on Weights and Measures. 

The National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) was developed In order to ensure that equipment reaching the market place is manufactured to meet requirements established by the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM). That gave manufacturers the ability to be evaluated and certified one time with acceptance throughout the United States. Previously many states implemented State Prototype Testing and manufacturers were then being subjected to multiple time consuming and costly state evaluations. States, manufacturers and consumers all benefit from NTEP's service.

"NTEP certification is issued by NCWM upon successful completion of the evaluation process. This Certificate indicates that the device manufacturer has demonstrated the ability to meet applicable requirements for commercial weighing and measuring equipment in the U.S as specified in NIST Handbook 44. NTEP certification is required in most states in the Unites States and is a symbol of assurance for all.

NTEP is more than certification. It is a complex program of standards development, evaluation, management and problem resolution. Administered by NCWM, NTEP provides a forum for regulators, industry and technical experts to work together toward consensus on issues. There will always be new technologies, new techniques and new marketing strategies. NTEP assures appropriate response to the needs of the marketplace. NTEP is not a barrier to new technology rather a facilitator of technology being put to use in a responsible and efficient manner.

The NTEP technical policies and checklists for evaluation are published annually in NCWM Publication 14. The various volumes are available for purchase from NCWM individually in printed format or all-inclusive in electronic format."

Tell us about your requirements and we will design and build a custom scale with associated software, as needed, for your specific needs. If the market is there we will also evaluate the possibility of working toward NTEP certification for your requirements. Our standard NTEP certified production products are Stainless Steel Scale retrofits for fertilizer blending systems, general purpose weighing, and fertilizer scale dealer management systems. It began with custom requirements that no one else was interested in designing, developing or building .... we were!

We are also interested in your custom hopper scale (hardware) and/or software weighing system requirements and at an affordable price.

It is important to note that some major hopper and tank manufacturers mistakenly imply that using certain hopper or tank mounts with NTEP certified load cells and NTEP certified indicators is the same as an NTEP scale....don’t be confused, it is not. Unfortunately, many users make that discovery too late. The complete weighing system including the frame must be certified.

Another option  from Scale Designs is:


You provide the tank or container with matching connections (we’ll provide drawings with required matching dimensions) and we will provide the scale hardware and software for weighing tank (weighing element) contents.

Tank Scale Kits include:

(1.) 3 or 4 - Compression Mounts with NTEP Certified load cells
(2.) 1 - Stainless Steel signal trim junction box
(3.) 1 - 25’ hostile environment cable

After assembly you will need to connect a digital indicator (to display weight and other functions). We will provide indicator options or you can get your own.

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Example # 1 (Includes mounts with load cells from 250# to 10K or up to 40,000 lbs with a 4-module kit. We can customize a solution with up to an 8-module kit with 125K load cells and capacities up to 1,000,000 lbs. Tell us what you want.

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• 1 SS-34AS stainless steel signal trim junction box
• 25’ hostile environment cable

• Conveyors
• Light to medium-capacity tanks and hoppers
• Powder & bulk processing

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