Our roots go back to 1996 although Scale Designs became official in 2005.

In 1996, the Royster Clark plant in Paris, TN was looking for a new approach to fertilizer scales. They were tired of the endless and expensive maintenance, repairs and replacements required with mild steel mechanical scales. Finally, someone with experience in electronics and mechanics was listening.


We understood that others had tried and failed. Solving issues like changing temperatures, vibration and lightning were serious factors.

Joining electronic technology with master mechanical scale skill provided the answer. However, the corrosive effect of fertilizer was the remaining challenge. Chemistry provided the final ingredient.


We were ready to take the plunge and go for NTEP Certification.

As a small company we did not use a controlled environment for the grueling and expensive NTEP testing process. We worked with a fertilizer distributor in Missouri that wanted our scale and was willing to take a chance on our success. Testing procedures were conducted by an NTEP representative sent from Kansas and was closely observed by a long time and highly regarded inspector from Missouri Weights & Measures.


Days go by as the requirement for sucessful repetition is very extensive and demanding.

At last, the required repetitions have been achieved, interim tests have been successfully met and it is time for the final series of tests. If any test fails, the whole procedure must begin again.


As fate would have it, after the schedule was set, gusting wind almost delayed the final testing.

After some consultation with the inspector  from Missouri, final testing began.


It was touch and go for a while but finally the wind abated enough for the final testing.

At long last, the final tests were completed successfully.


The first fully electronic Stainless Steel scales were NTEP certified so you can eliminate high scale maintenance costs and better control material inventory (money) losses.

Scale Designs was in business and continues to provide the most reliable scale in the industry.

Scale Designs' developers were fascinated by the idea of imagining solutions that come to life in hostile environments. We were able to tell you that, finally, in 2005, we had a proven solution to your fertilizer scale problem.

Scale Designs' 

USA-made electronic stainless steel fertilizer blender, weigh-hopper, tank scales were designed with fertilizer in mind but are well suited for weighing, filling, batching other material or liquid.