Most digital indicators work with Scale Designs’ hopper/blender scales. Any digital indicator with two way serial communication ports should work with Scale Designs’ Impact 21 Management Weighing System. We sell a number of digital indicators but for our systems we recommend the Transcell 1520 (Stainless Steel) for a good solid economical indicator. When there are visibility issues we recommend the Tara Systems Model TR-1-NK  high visibility unit customized for Impact 21.


TI-1520 digital indicator in a stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure works well with Scale Designs” products. It is a general purpose NTEP and Canadian approved at 10,000 division digital indicators. The TI-1520 is equipped with a bright 1 ?nbsp: LED display for easy viewing. It is capable of displaying up to 50,000 display divisions and supply enough current to drive 8-350 ohm load cells. The TI-1520 comes standard with a full duplex RS-232, simplex RS-232C and a simplex passive 20 mA current loop serial port.

Tara Picture

Model TR-1-NK customized to work with Impact 21. A modest indicator with all the cost in the terrific display. You can see this puppy from way over yonder (interpretation available)!

Full feature digital scale indicator in NEMA 4X polycarbonate (water resistant) enclosure. This unit has 2.2" tall digits for viewing at distance. Ideal for scales where the users of the scale need to be at a distance from the digital readout. Made in the USA.
Complete digital calibration with full range push button zero and tare. Display modes for display of NET weight or GROSS weight. Motion detection and automatic zero maintenance. Printer and continuous data output, and optional analog 4-20 ma or 0-10 vdc output is available. Time and date print is optional, along with other options.

Call for precise pricing but the TI-1520 is typically less than $500.

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