1. Customer places order at the office for a fertilizer blend (Charge or advance payment).
  2. A fill ticket is produced telling the operator the quantity of each chemical.
  3. The operator has a Scale Designs proprietary wireless device on the loader in a special holding bracket. As product is loaded in the hopper scale the load operator presses a button on the Scale Designs device for each of the ingredients he is mixing.
  4. The Scale Designs wireless device transmits a command to the computer in the office to get the weight of each ingredient and store it in memory. At the same time it will tare off the weight on the scale so the operator will not have to do any mental calculations. The operator simply dumps the weight of the next ingredient into the hopper.
  5. Everyone in the business knows there is no way an operator using a loader can dump precisely the exact weight on the ticket. This is where our package comes in to action. The actual weight of the ingredient will be stored.
  6. When the last ingredient is dumped and stored the operator will initiate a command for the computer to print a ticket with the exact weight of each product, the customers name, the amount due or deduct it from a prepay, remove each ingredient from a running inventory, and print the actual mix across the bottom of the ticket with a measure stating that this is a certified blend because each ingredient is precisely weighed and recorded and not hand written or printed according to operator notes or recollection.

    Special Note:
    When the blend has to be near perfect, a software option is available to tell the operator how much and if additional quantities of an available material offer a more precise blend.

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